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A tattoo of an animal often refers to its behavior in nature. In their own way, the person who gets the tattoo associates with the animal and attributes to them their best qualities. This is true even for stingray tattoos.

These fish are part of a family that is closely related to sharks. However, unlike sharks, they pose no threat to humans. They are flat and round with a long, flat sting on their backs and two eyes at the front that rest on top of the heads with a small mouth at the bottom.

Although they aren’t aggressive, they can sting people if they feel threatened or accidentally stepped upon. Stingrays are able to adapt to their environment. They feel at home in tropical waters but also enjoy the colder seas of Antarctica and the Arctic.

These fish can be found in rivers and lakes as well as in the oceans. Many species of stingrays can be found in freshwater lakes and rivers. They are often found on the sandy bottom where they burrow into the sand with only their stinger and eyes visible. They wait for small prey and then camouflage themselves against predators like sharks.

It is fascinating to see these strange creatures move and look at each other. Stingray tattoo designs are durable and are great for those who can withstand the elements but are soft inside.

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